Vocabulary - appearance

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1. Opposites
tall big old happy  
short thin young sad  
2. Hair
plaits curly hair straight hair short hair ponytails
parted hair wavy hair a crew cut bald spiky hair
a beard a moustache      
3. Height (in descending order)


greater than normal

quite tall more than a little tall, but not very tall    
of medium height normal height    
quite short more than a little short, but not very short    
short smaller than normal    
4. Weight (in descending order)


a polite word to describe someone with a large body

plump it means round in a pleasant way, used for women
chubby describes round body parts, especially for children and babies
slim it means thin, but in an attractive way
thin someone with little fat on their body
skinny very thin or too thin
5. Figure/build


a woman who is attractive in a special way

pretty a girl (or boy) who is good-looking
well-built a strong man with nice muscles
handsome a man who is good-looking
cute a young man or woman who is sexualy attractive
gorgeous an extremely attractive man or woman